Metro teacher surprised with prestigious award, $25,000 gift

Courtesy: The Milken Foundation

A Metro Nashville Public Schools teacher won a prestigious award in the profession and a $25,000 gift.

East End Prep kindergarten teacher Shelly Gaughan received the Milken Educator Award in a surprise ceremony on Thursday.

Gaughan has worked "hard to instill a love of learning in her school" and in her students.

"Her classroom virtually runs itself; students display remarkable independence, go about their activities without much adult support, and provide feedback to their peers on both work and behavior. Gaughan helps East End’s youngest students develop the skills and habits that will strengthen them and help them succeed both in school and in life," a news release said.

The Milken Foundation said her students show at least 90th percentile growth on math and reading assessments each year.

“The habits, behaviors and lessons that are instilled in us from day one have an indelible impact on us as students and as productive citizens,” Chairman and Co-Founder Lowell Milken said. “As kindergarten team leader and a fixture in the East End Prep community, Shelly Gaughan is shaping the future.”

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