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Metro Police Officer Posts Black Panthers as Profile Picture

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- One day after a Metro officer gets decommissioned for posting an insensitive comment on social media, now another officer's online behavior is raising concerns

During the Dallas shootings Thursday night, one Metro officer had Black Panther members holding guns as his Facebook profile picture.

"Other officers believe posting that picture was in extremely bad taste," Attorney Jack Byrd, who often represents police officers in the department, said.

Metro Officer Christopher Taylor has since taken down the picture.

In the 1960's, the Black Nationalist group killed two Metro police officers in Nashville.

The Metro Police Department says it's looking into the officer's post, but it didn't waste any time Thursday stripping Officer Anthony Venable of his gun and badge for posting "I would have done 5." The comment was in regards to the Minnesota incident where a police officer shot Philando Castile four times.

"What benefit does that have by posting that?" asked Smrya Resident Joe Brown.

"Either one (post)?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall

"Either one," said Brown.

"If the matter effects the ability of the police department to perform their job and degrades them in the view of the public, there needs to be some type of control over that," said Byrd.

Attorney Byrd says officers have the right to free speech if what they say is of "public concern, adding "there's been a lot of litigation over that and what exactly it is."

But according to the courts, officers can still get in trouble if what they say publicly impacts working relationships on the force.

Officers tell FOX 17 both officers' posts did just that.

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"If you're going to have a rule, make it for everybody," said Scott Shcheurman. "So make both of them inappropriate."

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