Metro Police: Man sprinkled cocaine over officer's head

Antonio Freeman-Metro Nashville Police

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Metro Nashville Police arrested a man near Lower Broadway after he allegedly sprinkled cocaine over an officer's head.

According to the arrest affidavit for Antonio Freeman, police walking on 3rd Avenue South towards Broadway observed 20-year-old Antonio Freeman rolling marijuana into a blunt.

Police say Freeman tried to hide the marijuana in his pocket but then took out a clear plastic bag containing white powder from his other pocket. Freeman was then observed crushing the bag in his hand and sprinkling it over an officer's head and in the air.

Officers arrested Freeman and retrieved 2.5 grams of cocaine Freeman tried to destroy. A search of his person also found a scale and a pill bottle with marijuana residue "behind the defendant's scrotum," according to the report.

Police arrested Freeman on charges of tampering with evidence and felony drug offense.

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