Metro Nashville Police padlock two establishments declared 'public nuisances'


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Metro Nashville Police are raiding and padlocking the ZMart at 24 Lafayette Street and the Staff Zone at 20 Lafayette Street.

Police say the establishments have been declared public nuisances following thousands of calls over the years. Police say the business owners did not support the community and in fact "drain the community."

Police say they have observed multiple crimes at the locations, including open drug dealing. Investigators are currently executing search warrants at the locations and examining the origin of proceeds and if they are connected to the criminal activity.

One of the allegations facing store ownership is they were selling stolen items from the store. Investigators say they are looking into the allegations and it is part of the investigation.

Some residents hailed the raid, saying they were worried about their safety at the stores and "enough is enough."

The Z Mart was the site of a shooting on Monday. According to police, a victim says he was shot behind the store when he heard gunshots and realized he had been shot in the knee.

This is a developing situation. We will update with details here.

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