Metro Council votes in favor of $275 Million Major League Soccer stadium resolution


A resolution regarding Nashville’s proposed Major League Soccer stadium has passed in Metro Council.

On Tuesday night, the final vote count was 31 yes, 6 no and 2 abstained.

It gives Metro Government and Metro Sports Authority permission to issue bonds to build a stadium and redevelop 10 acres of the Fairgrounds contingent upon Nashville being granted an MLS expansion franchise.

The vote supports Metro Council Resolution RS2017-910 that authorizes the funds to be issued by the Sports Authority in revenue bonds. The money would be used to build a new soccer stadium in hopes Nashville is awarded a Major League Soccer team.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, there will be a $275 million investment in fairgrounds property, with $250 million going towards construction of the 27,500 seat stadium and $25 million towards completing the Fairgrounds Master Plan. The investment will be funded primarily by private money and revenues generated at the stadium.

Statement from MLS2Nashville:

“This is a great night for Nashville! It’s been a long road as we started this process almost a year ago and so many Nashvillians have been a part of making it happen. From Mayor Barry’s leadership, to soccer fans and parents from all parts of our city, and now tonight with our Metro Council, the vision to bring Major League Soccer to our city moves one step closer. Of course the final decision on the team won’t be ours, but tonight Nashville checked off the final item that MLS needed to see. I’m always proud of this city, and tonight we’ve shown - once again - how we all come together around something important to make Nashville the best it can be." - John R. Ingram

Statement from Mayor Megan Barry:

"The Metro Council should be applauded for joining the majoirty of Nashvillians who say YES to Major League Soccer in Nashville. Their vote tonight puts Nashville in a very strong position to be awarded a franchise later this year by MLS. Thank you to John Ingram and the MLS to Nashville committee who have worked tirelessly over the last year to make this night possible for soccer supporters all across the Nashville area."

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