Metro Council to vote on proposal to move MLS Stadium

(Fox 17 News)

On Tuesday night, a push to change the deal that landed Nashville a Major League Soccer team goes before Metro Council.

Some are concerned changing the location from the Fairgrounds to Metro Center could kill the deal.

"We on the city haven't given authority to sign any agreement," Councilmember Steve Glover said. "We've given permission to issue bonds if we get all the rest of the details worked out."

Glover is co-sponsoring a resolution with Decosta Hastings to change the deal's language. The goal is to consider more than the Fairgrounds for the Stadium.

"It removes ten free acres of land. It also changes from a negotiable bond sale to a competitive bond sale," Glover said. "That by itself will save the city millions of dollars. Fairgrounds is still on the table as far as building a stadium there, it's just the land giveaway is not anything I've ever agreed with."

"We're really getting to the point where this proposal is starting to be a little bit silly," Councilmember Freddie O'Connell said. "The franchise was awarded with some very specific expectations so I think to alter this with trying to float a new revenue bond proposal at this late stage is beyond unrealistic."

O'Connell is the District 19 representative for Metro Council.

"The team has been very clear that they have no interest in alternative proposals at this point and they're the ones that have committed to every single one of the pieces of public benefit that we as a council have sought," O'Connell said.

"We don't need to be giving away free land number one and number two: The city's on more of the hook than they think they are, so I think it needs a full conversation," Glover said.

A Nashville MLS spokesman released this statement to FOX 17 News on Monday:

“We believe that most Metro Council members understand the stadium location is final. An effort in Council to derail Nashville’s Major League Soccer stadium failed badly last month, and this latest attempt failed 7-2 in committee today. Failing to support the approved stadium site at the Fairgrounds will cost Nashville its MLS team.” - Clint Brewer, spokesman for Nashville MLS team ownership

While the resolution is up for vote Tuesday night, other key aspects for this project still face decisions like demolition, rezoning and funding.

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