Metro Council passes 'Google Fiber bill'

Google Fiber in Nashville, Tennessee-PHOTO: FOX Nashville

Metro Council has passed what's been commonly referred to as the Google Fiber bill.

The One Touch Make Ready bill almost ensures that Google Fiber comes to Nashville. Nashville Mayor Megan Barry released the following statement regarding the bill:

“One Touch Make Ready appears to be a common-sense way of speeding up the deployment of high-speed internet throughout Davidson County. Unfortunately, the likelihood of protracted litigation could delay implementation of this law designed to benefit Nashville’s consumers. That is why I encouraged fiber providers to work together on a solution they could all agree upon, which they were not able to do. My hope now is that any potential legal disputes over this new law can be resolved quickly, and we can move forward with expanding fiber access throughout the city.”

As you can imagine, Google Fiber was elated by Tuesday's outcome:

It’s a great day for Nashville. Congratulations to Nashville Metro Council and residents on passing Council Member Davis’ One Touch Make Ready ordinance on its third and final reading overwhelmingly. This will allow new entrants like Google Fiber to bring broadband to more Nashvillians efficiently, safely and quickly. We look forward to continuing our work with NES and the local community.

That bill was opposed by Comcast and AT&T, who's hinted lawsuits may come if the bill passed on its third reading.

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