Metro Council approves $50,000 payment to Lewisburg woman injured by Nashville pothole

(Submitted to Fox 17 News)

The Metro Nashville Council voted on Tuesday night to pay $50,000 to a middle Tennessee woman who was injured in a pothole in downtown Nashville.

Council approved a resolution, which allows the Department of Law to pay out $50,000 to settle a complaint from a Lewisburg mother who was injured stepping in a pothole downtown.

Tamyra Nash is the one set to receive the $50,000 payment from the city. In November 2014, she fell near the intersection of 5th Avenue and Broadway.

The fall separated her shoulder, requiring four pins and surgery. She sees power in increasing reports to the city.

"Maybe if we all ban together as citizens, they'll all do something about it," Nash said.

The payment to settle a case is rare but indicative of an increasing problem in downtown. Partially repaired or open holes can be seen on popular crosswalks and sidewalks along Broadway and other popular streets.

"I saw an elderly woman trip, hit pretty hard on the ground, but still we don't need to see that in our city," said Matt Johnson who works downtown.

Repair costs in 2018 are already outpacing 2017. Councilman Freddie O'Connell, who represents part of downtown, said he expects additional tax revenue to make up for the extra money spent on pavement repairs.

"If I don't personally lay eyes on it and I don't have a constituent notify me about it, it might just be out there," O'Connell said.

The biggest obstacle to fixing the pavement holes is that the city often does not know about a problem unless it's reported. The easiest way to report an issue is to call 3-1-1 or visit which can be used to report a myriad of problems.

The infrastructure is faltering under additional pressure from new development and added foot traffic. Furthermore, development of new areas in the city increases the miles of sidewalks that need upkeep.

"People need to report when they fall because I was told I was the first person to report falling in that hole, which I find impossible to believe," Nash said. "I'm not a clutz."

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