Mayor Barry to unveil plan to solve 'growing gridlock' in Nashville

Mayor Barry to unveil plan to solve 'growing gridlock' in Nashville (Fox 17 News)

UPDATE: Click here for Mayor Megan Barry's $5.2 billion transit plan.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry announced plans to unveil a plan for a transit network in Nashville that she said will align with the state's IMPROVE Act.

Barry's Office said she'll be joined by elected officials, public transportation advocates, and community members to unveil her 'Let’s Move Nashville: Metro’s Transportation Solution' on Tuesday October 17.

The plan is the result of studies, community engagement and coordination at the state and local level according to the mayor's office.

Barry's hope is for the plan to align with provisions in the IMPROVE Act so the Metro Council can decide on a possible ballot initiate in 2018 to fund the transit network.

Last summer, the mayor unveiled a three-year nMotion plan to tackle transportation problems in the city. It included plans to improve safety for bikers and pedestrians, enhance MTA bus service, and more. The $6 billion nMotion traffic plan also included provision for four light rails lines in the city.

That plan has been met with opposition by neighbors and concerns from Metro Council members.

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