Man's patriotic act caught on camera in Gallatin

Photo: Erin Fezell

A woman expected to see something "terrible" Monday when she noticed an unfamiliar face on her home surveillance system, but was greeted with a patriotic act instead.

Erin Fezell shared video of a young man approaching her home with a folded American flag. The Gallatin woman explained that winds knocked her flag off the pole Monday morning, and the man took it upon himself to fold it and place it on a chair, so the flag was not kept on the ground.

"To come back to our roots and to see the importance of what that symbol means, it's just truly a touching moment," Fezell tells FOX 17 News. "I just simply applaud him for this small action as it spoke volumes as to the character he has within."

At first, Fezell was not sure who was responsible for the "admirable" act in the Cambridge Farms neighborhood, so she took to Facebook to find out.

She later updated her post,"UPDATE: Outstanding American has been identified! It's our neighbor's nephew!"

"I'm truly humbled by this experience, seeing someone care so much about something as small as a flag," Fezell added in a statement to FOX 17 News.

Fezell extended her thanks to the gentleman, along with several others on social media.

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