Man killed in Springfield while chasing trespassers away, his mom speaks out

Brodie Wilkinson III (Photo courtesy of Olivia Wilkinson)

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. -- A Springfield mom is calling for the death penalty after her 22-year-old son is shot to death trying to protect their home.

“It just still don't seem real though, you know? I feel like he's just going to drive right up at any time, you know? These people don't realize what they've taken; they've taken a gift from God,” said Olivia Wilkinson.

One of her most treasured gifts, her oldest son Brodie Wilkinson III.

She says he got along with everybody and never talked badly about someone, even in the privacy of their own home.

“And that's hard to do, you know, you don't find many people who stay positive and happy all the time and he was; he was happy.”

She says they always have to tell people to get off their farm on Gum Station Road, which is what Brodie went to do on Saturday afternoon.

She said the people were refusing to leave, and that's when he called police.

“The cop was coming out to get them for trespassing. And he was going to go wait for the police officer at my father-in-law's house and then, you know, not have any confrontation with him.”

Her father-in-law had just passed away on Friday, and they were making his funeral arrangements when she got the call that her son was in a bad car wreck, which she later learned was a murder.

The family said Brodie took a Snapchat of what happened.

He was driving away, when he saw the trespassers' car coming towards him, which is when he started recording. They say after the cars passed each other, the trespassers pulled over, got out of their car, and shot Brodie in the back, causing him to crash into the ditch on the side of the road.

Neighbors said they heard two gun shots, but he had already died by the time they ran out to help.

Three people have been arrested and charged with first degree murder: Daniel Scott, Darick Hinerman, and Jennifer Henning.

She says Brodie was the light of their house. He was always working, and fixing cars was one of his main hobbies.

“He'll buy something, work on it, fix on it, drive it, you know, get something else.”

She said all she ever wants to do is be with her sons, and now she's lost her friend, her light, and her hunting buddy, which is why she will do everything in her power to make sure the shooter gets the death penalty.

“What I want for the man, for the coward, that shot my son in the back, yeah, you need the death penalty. I don't want to pay for you to sit in jail and eat, and get a shower and watch TV. My son ain't going to get to come home, and eat, and get a shower, and watch TV. Why should he?”

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