Suspect accused of pulling gun on man holding baby who refused to move car at Kroger

    Metro Police mug photo

    A man is facing charges after a police report states he pulled a gun on a man holding a baby for refusing to move his car.

    The victim said 77-year-old Thomas R. Polk asked him to move his car that was parked outside of a Kroger on Charlotte Pike on Sunday. The victim told Polk that it was his cousins car and that he did not want to drive it. According to the police report, the two got into an argument.

    The victim told police that Polk reached into his pocket and pulled out a black pistol. Witnesses on scene told police they saw the argument. One witness stated they saw the suspect reach into his pocket, but could not see what it was. A second witness told police the victim told the suspect it made no sense to pull a gun on him while he was holding a baby.

    Police on scene went inside Kroger and found Polk. According to the police report Polk admitted to police that he put his hand on the handle of the pistol and stated he didn’t know what the victim had. He told police that he did not do anything wrong . Police found a .32 caliber in his right pocket. Polk was taken into custody and is facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

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