Police arrest car burglar in Mt. Juliet neighborhood

(Mt. Juliet Police)

For the second time in a month, Mt. Juliet Police arrested the same man for the same crime in the same neighborhood.

Police said 27-year-old Jason Tallent, of Hermitage, was caught and arrested by officers early Sunday morning while burglarizing unlocked cars in the Willoughby Station neighborhood.

According to online Wilson County Jail records, he is charged with theft of property, and burglary of a motor vehicle.

Charles Pyle said he is one of the victims of this weekend’s car burglaries. He has lived in his Willoughby Station home for about one and a half years.

“This is a very quiet neighborhood, lots of kids, lots of families and lots of interaction,” Pyle said. “For this to happen is kind of crazy.”

Pyle said he discovered that three vehicles sitting in his driveway had been broken into overnight. He said they were all locked.

“Glove compartments and the center consoles had been rifled through, and they just left a huge mess everywhere in there,” Pyle said. "Then we noticed up and down the streets that other car doors were the same way, and some were left wide open."

The thief also took a precious family heirloom ring from the center console of one of the vehicles.

“It just makes you feel not safe anymore,” Pyle said.

Police said nine vehicles total were burglarized in Willoughby Station over the weekend. They said all of them were unlocked.

This isn’t Tallent’s first run-in with the law. Police arrested him on May 17 in Willoughby Station for the same crime: car burglaries. Both times, he was spotted by neighbors.

“It was unsettling that it wasn’t solved the first time," Kate Walmsley said. "I know people thought that if they had the guy once, that he probably would not be coming back to this area, but it is common, like I said, to have one or two break-ins during the summer."

Now Charles Pyle said he plans on adding security cameras and motion lights to his home.

“It’s frustrating," Pyle said. "You have to do it in your own home, and you have to make your home a fortress anymore to be protected. What’s next, are they going to come inside? You never know.”

During both burglaries, police said Tallent got away with credit cards, gift cards, wallets and a firearm.

Officers think Tallent might have had help with the most recent string of break-ins.

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