Man arrested last year on drug charge running for city council in middle Tennessee


Some residents are concerned with the current Lewisburg City Council election because one of the candidates was arrested for drugs just last year.

Ward 4 Candidate Frank Luna is running for council after a 2017 arrest by the 17th Judicial Drug Task Force. According to records, Luna was selling drugs.

With a separate civil suit against him in Marshall County pending right now, Luna referred FOX 17 News to his attorney for comment.

However, the show, in this case election, must go on and is in full swing. In fact, early voting for the August 2 election has already started in Lewisburg.

A few questions came up about the city council candidate at the Marshall County Election Commission.

“I don’t know the man, but I would think these days, so many are getting caught up with drugs it’s horrible. I guess you have to be cautious,” a Lewisburg woman said, “But if he makes amends and does right in every way, I think everyone deserves a second chance.”

The city manager said general voting is important and so is making sure you know who you are voting for on any level whether it’s the local, state or the national election level.

The Marshall County Election Commission says everything they checked out confirms Luna has the right to run.

A Lewisburg native and current Nashville-based attorney, Grover Collins, explained the law on Thursday.

“If it was a pre-trial diversion, then as long as he complies with all the requirements for the diversion and of the sentencing guidelines then he won’t have a conviction on his record at the conclusion of his diversion period. So he would be free to run like any citizen."

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