Longtime Nashville journalist Demetria Kalodimos files age, gender discrimination lawsuit

Photo submitted to FOX 17 News

Longtime Nashville journalist Demetria Kalodimos filed a lawsuit in federal court against Channel 4's parent company, The Meredith Corporation.

The 24-page lawsuit claims the former WSMV anchor experienced age and gender discrimination when she exited the news station last December. She told stories at Channel 4 for nearly 34 years.

The lawsuit states a conversation or meeting was never held with Kalodimos in regards to her contract. An envelope containing a letter saying the station would not be renewing her contract was allegedly left on her desk instead.

“Bad move, really bad move," lifelong Nashville resident Ashley Haugen, who grew up watching Kalodimos, said. "She's smart. She's talented."

Haugen tells FOX 17 News she understands that it's business, but she does not like the way things were handled. So much so, Haugen started a Facebook page called "I Stand With Demetria." The page has almost 1,800 followers.

“It goes to show just how passionate people are, not just about Demetria and how beloved she is, but also how they don't appreciate the age discrimination, the gender discrimination," Haugen said. "She's better than that.”

One former friend and manager said not so fast. The person who asked to remain anonymous said they have a hard time painting the awarded journalist to be the victim, calling Kalodimos a "tough employee" and a "hard one to deal with."

The Meredith Corporation issued the following statement to FOX 17 News: "Meredith and WSMV-TV strongly disagree with these allegations. We will vigorously defend ourselves against them."

This is the second ongoing age discrimination lawsuit WSMV is currently facing.

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