Poll: Women share which issues inspired them to join Nashville march

Rally for Women's March in Nashville (WZTV).

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- More than 15,000 supporters gathered in downtown Nashville for the Women's March 2.0.

From reproductive rights, to wage inequality, and immigration, local women say they were inspired to take part by a variety of issues Saturday.

"We're out here today to make our voices heard," says Shelly Barger, of Nashville.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, women still make just 78 cents for every dollar earned by men - something women at Bicentennial Mall said Saturday desperately needs to change.

"I've never had to ask for a raise, and I've gotten one every single year," says Shana Watkins. "But every other woman I know is working for less than their worth."

Shortly after last year's inaugural Women's March, President Trump signed his executive order on immigration. A topic also still clearly top of mind Saturday.

"I know I don't share the privilege of being male, but I absolutely have incredible privilege because I am white, I am straight, I am a Christian, I was born in the states, and that gives me so many privileges in this world," says Kristin Dillard. "There are so many community members who don't share those privileges and my concern is what can we do to level that playing field."

Back in May, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed legislation into law to ban abortions in Tennessee after 20 weeks if a doctor determines the fetus is viable through tests. It's a measure that's remained controversial ever since.

"That's a woman's choice and no one should be able to make any decisions about her health except her, it's her body," says Watkins.

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