LIST: Road closures in middle Tennessee due to flooding

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Several roads around the midstate are closed due to flooding. Click here for the latest Code Red weather story.

TDOT said the roads have become inundated with high water.

This story will be updated with the latest list of announced closures:



  • Riverside Drive in Columbia closed due to high water level of the Duck River

(2 p.m.)

  • Eastern Flank Battlefield Park & Carton Plantation are both closed due to standing water in Franklin.

(11:30 a.m.)


  • SR 273 LM 13.9 to 15.1 (Cunningham Hollow to Gunter Hollow) closed


  • SR7 @ LM 6.8 to 7.2 NOW OPEN
  • SR245 @ Moore’s Lane LM 2.82 NOW OPEN
  • SR247 @ Leipers Creek Rd LM 1.41 CLOSED due to High Water from Leipers Creek backing up from Duck River


  • SR271 LM 7 to 7.2 closed
  • SR272 @ Verona Caney Rd 9.63 to 14.5 closed


  • SR 438 LM 20.5 to 21.5 closed


  • SR 99 at LM 24 Ghee Rd to Wilson-Overall Rd, water is receding; crews are slowing traffic and allowing them to pass through
  • SR 269 at LM 10 Midland Rd to Huff Cemetery water is receding; crews are slowing traffic and allowing them to pass through
  • SR 269 at LM 1 half an inch of water across road in a sheet 10 ft wide; crews are slowing traffic and allowing them to pass through

(8:50 a.m.)

Rutherford County:


  • Armstrong Valley at Thompson
  • Veterans Parkway and Armstrong Valley
  • Epps Mill between Miller and Auldridge
  • Lassiter Road and U.S. Highway 70 South (John Bragg Highway)
  • The 2400 block of Mt. Herman Road

High water/impassable

  • Elam Mill
  • Stones River between Crescent and Walnut Grove
  • Christiana-Fosterville Road
  • County Farm at the slab
  • Shoemaker before the bridge
  • Ghee Lane
  • Slab on Vaught Road
  • Elam Road between County Farm Road and Joe B. Jackson Parkway
  • Veals near Double Springs
  • Sulphur Springs near Shacklett
  • Hedgeapple
  • Florence at Rebel
  • Newtown Road at the Bedford County line
  • Midland-Fosterville Road at Campground Road

Maury County -- Use caution on the following roads:

  • S Cross Bridges in the S curve please caution in this area, 1418 - 1645 is Closed.
  • Armstrong Ln in the 800 block use caution.
  • Stiversville Rd / Toll Dugger Rd - Several inches of water and Goose Neck trailers in road. Use caution these are visible.
  • Mt Joy Rd near Solvay (Old Cytec) - Several inches of water on the roadway. Road is passable but partial covered with water
  • Mt Joy Rd Off Ramp from US Hwy 43- Down to one lane due to standing water.
  • Murphy Ln/Pulaski Hwy- Part blocked with water. Cannot see bottom of road.
  • Old Hwy 99/Lasea Rd- Fast moving water around Family Baptist Church
  • Pulaski Hwy/Bigbyville Rd-Water crossing the roadway. Signs have been placed at this location.
  • Polk Lane just outside of Mount Pleasant City Limits
  • Witherspoon Rd between Theta Pke and Old TVA Rd- Several inches of water on the roadway
  • Lawrenceburg Hwy between Williams Hollow Rd and W Sheepneck Rd- down to one lane
  • W Sheepneck Rd between Johnson Hill Rd and Billy Irwin Rd
  • Canterbury Dr between Asbury Dr and Covey Hollow Rd
  • Elk Ridge Rd near Enterprise Rd-covered with water but passable.
  • Baker Rd near Nashville Hwy-road covered with water but passable.
  • Mooresville Pke between Scott Hollow Rd and Cemetery Rd- covering both lanes but passable
  • Terrapin Branch Rd- Water covering both lanes. Some residents will not be able to get out of driveway.
  • Old Leipers Creek Rd-Large amount of water covering both driveways.
  • Valley Creek Rd at Pullen Mill Rd-Fast moving water and debris in the roadway.
  • Sowell Mill Pike at Johnson Creek
  • Campbellsville Pike at Moore Ln-Swift water signs to be posted in the area.
  • Luke Moser Rd between Gillespie Ln and Galloway Rd-Several residents may be effected by high water.
  • Cannon Rd / Ashwood - Several inches of water on road way.
  • cott Hollow Rd between 4486 - 4506 Several inches of water possibly close to a foot of water covering the road.
  • Valley Creek Rd has multiple areas of high water.

(8 a.m.)

  • Blazer Road near Boyd Mills Pike. in Williamson County
  • Trinity Road between Murfreesboro and Arno Roads in Williamson County

(7:15 a.m.)

  • Lincoln County SR 273 LM 13.9 to 15.1 – closed due to high water
  • Lincoln Co – SR129 LM 0 – 1 closed due to high water
  • Perry County SR 438 LM 20.5 to 21.5 – closed due to high water
  • Maury County - SR7 @ LM 6.9 - 7.2 (Pulaski Hwy)
  • Maury County - SR245 @ Moores Lane
  • Marshall County - SR272 @ Verona Caney Rd (LM 10.8) closed due to high water. Sheriff remaining present until we can get closure in place.
  • Marshall Co - SR271 - 7.1 LM
  • Armstrong Valley and Veterans in Rutherford County
  • Trinity Rd between Arno and Murfreesboro Rd is CLOSED in Wilson County
  • Blazer Rd at Boyd Mill Pike is CLOSED in Wilson County

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