La Vergne man taking extra caution for severe storms

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    A La Vergne resident took extra caution in preparing for severe storms.

    One look at the deadly storms that hit Alabama and Middle Tennessee is enough to make you cringe and cry.

    For Frank Jennings, it’s enough to make him buy a tornado shelter for his home.

    “You’re not afraid when you get in there,” Jennings said.

    Jennings purchased an outdoor shelter for he and his wife Jimmie Neal, both in their 70s.

    “We’ve got junk in here. We’ve got all kind of stuff in here,” Jennings said.

    He told FOX 17 that he’s lived through tornadoes in the past. His father’s Georgia home destroyed by a tornado years ago.

    It’s a feeling he never wants his wife to experience.

    “We can get in there with a wheelchair if we ever get into one. That’s why I got that on top of the ground,” Jennings said.

    Code Red warnings from Fox 17 News are all too familiar now. It’s enough to put the elderly couple on edge.

    Jennings said the cost of the shelter is $10,000, but the value of their lives is priceless.

    Mark Brasfield, who owns a storm shelter company called "The Safe House," believes storm shelters are not only worth the price, but the best option possible.

    “It’s kind of like having car insurance for your life. We all have car insurance or at least we should. Do we ever hope we use our car insurance – no but if we need it, it’s there,” Brasfield said.

    Brasfield’s company has seen an uptick in storm shelter purchases in recent years.

    “The last thing you want at 3 in the morning is the sirens going off and you’ve got your alert on your phone blaring and now you don’t have anywhere to go and now you’re running into your bathroom hoping you’ll be protected,” he said.

    Brasfield also told FOX 17 that newer homes include with shelters built inside closets.

    The shelters are several inches thick, made of steel and can withstand flying debris and heavy winds.

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