Last Minute Toy Store to help 6,000 Davidson Co. children in need this Christmas

(Fox 17 News)

Volunteers at the Last Minute Toy Store said this year the need is greater than ever as they prepared to help thousands of Davidson County families get Christmas toys for their kids on Wednesday.

The charity expects to help families get Christmas gifts for approximately 6,000 middle Tennessee children, including some whose parents are behind bars.

Mindy Woodard said she got in line for a ticket to the toy store at 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

“It was about 20 something degrees," Woodard said. "We tried to keep each other's spot, let everybody go off in the sun or their trucks."

She’s among dozens of people waiting for a ticket to The Last Minute Toy Store.

“it’s been pretty rough year," Woodard said. "I lost my job so this is a big blessing for mothers that are struggling right now for their kids Christmas."

She’ll get the chance to pick out just the right gifts thanks to volunteers like Pastor Dale Robble.

“A couple of sporting good items, a puzzle or game, a large toy for your children, stocking stuffers, books,” Robble said. “The need has been going up for us almost every year. We’re prepared to serve about ,2000 families as many as 5,000 plus children if the need presents itself.”

The Last Minute toy Store has more space and a new location this year thanks to a partnership with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department.

“Unlike any other year that we’ve had it, we are expecting five to 6,000 kids, many of those kids' families will be incarcerated," Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall said. "So I think it’s another good feeling for staff who are volunteering to see some benefit."

It’s a benefit that brings the joy of Christmas to families who might not experience it otherwise. The toy store was designed to help families who didn't qualify or missed the deadline to get help for the holidays from other charities.

“There is nothing better than seeing your kids open gifts in the morning on Christmas," Woodard said. "I love watching the joy on their faces, opening it up especially because they know the struggle."

Families who receive tickets will be invited back to shop at a date/time shown on their tickets between Thursday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. at the Davidson County Sheriff's Office Service Center at 5117 Harding Place. Folks traveling by bus should use route 52B to get there.

Organizers emphasized they are not conducting background checks just because they’re teaming up with the Sheriffs Department. The mission is still only about helping children and families in need.

How you can help

Anyone wishing to mail in donations can send them to:

Last Minute Toy Store, Inc.

4117 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 103 #184

Nashville, TN 37215

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