Two charged in large protest held outside President Trump rally in Nashville

Child on the left yells "Blue Lives Matter" as person on the right yells "Black Lives Matter" outside President Trump's rally in Nashville. (WZTV)

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Nashville to protest President Donald Trump's visit.

Metro Police said two people outside the auditorium were arrested by citation for disorderly conduct. Police said a woman was charged for fighting while in line and a man was charged for shoving another individual.

Students from Fisk University walked out of class at about 2:30 p.m. to begin their walk to the Municipal Auditorium. There, students joined a group of protesters who had been moved across the street from the long line waiting for President Trump's speech.

Tensions grew high when students blocked part of the sidewalk next to the line of President Trump supporters.

Although the protests appeared to not have any violence, there were some heated confrontations as President Trump supporters and protesters converged.

Protesters were met with hundreds of fellow demonstrators who marched from Public Square Park and swarmed near the Municipal Auditorium just before 6 p.m. The lively crowd chanted, sang and held signs.

In a previous interview with Fox 17, advocated for the protest said 1,500 people were expected. President Trump supporters who had not yet entered the auditorium fired back at protesters. Some of the arguments between supporters and protesters included healthcare, abortions and the "Black Lives Matter" and "Blue Lives Matter" movements.

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