Kentucky Secretary of State making moves to legalize medical marijuana


Kentucky's Secretary of State is putting together a taskforce to focus on a proposal to legalize medical marijuana in the state.

It will include doctors and nurses as well as law enforcement representatives and military veterans.

"Too many Kentuckians are suffering from debilitating physical and mental illnesses. Most have lived with the effects of these illnesses for years. We must do more to relieve their pain and suffering, and there is significant evidence that cannabis is beneficial for these individuals, especially veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress," Secretary of State Alison Grimes said. "2018 is and must be the year when Kentucky finally steps up on medical marijuana. We have to get this done to help Kentuckians who are hurting."

The legislation will be introduced in the 2018 session. It’s being crafted by Rep. John Sims, who will also co-chair the task force with Grimes.

“Kentucky is getting left behind on this issue. Already 29 states and the District of Columbia have enacted medical marijuana legislation to help their people," Sims said. "The research is done. The studies have been conducted. It works, and it's time we end our idling and start having conversations to bring medical marijuana to the Commonwealth. Working together, I'm confident we make this happen in a meaningful and bipartisan manner to bring relief to ailing Kentuckians."

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