Kentucky pastor revokes membership, angers churchgoers

Cave City Letter-CNN

CAVE CITY, KY.--A Kentucky pastor has revoked the membership from some members and told them if they want to come back, they need to repent.

Senior Pastor Ryan Broers says members were sent letters because they were not attending the Cave City Baptist Church or any other church. The pastor says it was meant to serve as a "wake up call" that members needed to get right with God.

The church says the letters wee sent to people who hadn't attended the past year but at least one member says that wasn't the case. Member Samantha Esters says she was "in shock," especially after she had attended a few Sundays ago. Church leaders say they will accept the now former members back if they call to request it.

Esters had some criticism for the church, saying "It's actually God's church, not your church."

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