Judge recuses herself from presiding over Hambrick officer-involved death hearing

    Judge Dianne Turner - Photo: Metro Nashville

    A Davidson County Judge has recused herself from presiding over the Daniel Hambrick officer-involved death hearing slated for later this month.

    The order in reference to the State of Tennessee vs. Andrew Delke case was signed by Judge Dianne Turner on Thursday:

    "Pursuant to Rule 10, Tennessee Supreme Court Rules, I hereby recuse myself from presiding over the above styled case and refer to the matter to Presiding Judge Melissa Blackburn for reassignment."

    Decommissioned Metro Nashville Police Officer Andrew Delke was charged with criminal homicide in connection to the shooting death of Daniel Hambrick on July 26.

    Judge Michael F. Mondelli found probable cause against Delke following the TBI's investigation into the officer-involved shooting. Mondelli's call is a reversal of another Nashville judge who believed there was not enough evidence to charge the officer with Hambrick's death.

    Delke was booked before making his $25,000 bond. He is expected to appear in court on October 30.

    Officer Andrew Delke and Daniel Hambrick-FOX 17 News

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