VIDEO: John Overton High banned from football playoffs after brawl, riot on field

Photo released from TSSAA

John Overton High School has been banned from football playoffs this year after a brawl and riot with Antioch High. The fight after a game on Oct. 26 was captured on video from the stands.

TSSAA released footage of the fight to FOX 17 News.

The brawl started when players lined up to shake hands at the end of the game. Instead of showing good sportsmanship, a fight broke up, bringing adults and more students onto the field. Metro Police say both John Overton and Antioch High were actively engaged in the fight.

According to police, an Overton player suffered a head injury and told investigators that he he was hit in the head by Antioch's football team when he took his helmet off as the teams were shaking hands. The player was transported to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

Officers said the fight escalated to a riot, with one Antioch player apparently swinging his helmet.

John Overton was slated to play at Ravenwood High School in the first round of the playoffs on Friday. John Overton has since been removed from the playoff bracket and Ravenwood will have a "bye" its first playoff game.

Antioch High did not qualify for the playoffs.

Both schools will also be on restrictive probation for the 2019-20 school year, can't make next year's playoffs and were each fined $2,000. The schools will be on regular probation for two calendar years.

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