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'Is this really happening;' country singer shares explosion escape story

Buck McCoy (WZTV){br}
Buck McCoy (WZTV)
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For days, people’s eyes have been trained on 2nd Avenue South, wondering why the Christmas Day explosion happened.

People asleep during the detonation woke to their homes destroyed. One man, country singer Buck McCoy, said his apartment is in shambles.

McCoy described his windows blowing in, water falling from the ceiling, and cars on fire after the RV exploded.

“Just the most incredible explosion -- it shook the entire building, and the windows from the living room came flying through to the back area where I was sleeping,” McCoy said. “There was glass everywhere.”

The glass cut his hands and feet as he stumbled out of bed, wondering what just happened.

“There was blood all over my place; ‘I’m just like is this really happening?’” McCoy said. “I can’t figure out what to do, where to go.”

He is now staying at a friend’s place, and is receiving help not only across Nashville, but the country.

Even country star Brad Paisley sharing McCoy's story and GoFundMe.

“He contacted me and wanted to know if I needed a guitar and that was just-- I can’t believe it,” McCoy said. “So he’s going send me a guitar so I can get back to work.”

McCoy said that meant a lot, since right now, all he has is the clothes on his back.

“Everything I own -- every guitar I have, every computer, every piece of my life: my pictures, everything -- is in shambles,” McCoy said.

He hopes he can go back to his apartment soon to gather his passport, birth certificate, and to find his cat, Molly.

“The FBI helped us by going in and searching around,” McCoy said, “She didn’t find Molly anywhere.”

He hopes someone finds her, but says he is so thankful for all the assistance he’s already received.

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“This town is really showing its colors of how much the community helps each other,” McCoy said.

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