Is country music getting phased out of top Grammy nominations?

(FOX 17 News)

The Grammy nominations are out and the top categories aren't seeing much country representation according to some.

Hundreds, sometimes thousands of songs are vetted down for the Grammys, undergoing an intense process of several rounds.

Brown Bannister says, "In Contemporary Christian music we've got rap, hip-hop, rock'n'roll we've got everything."

Not only are genres changing, but so is the music industry in general according to Bannister, a Grammy award winning producer.

Bannister says, "Years ago 100-500 records would be made a year now there's like a million records being made, so there's so much material it's hard to vet it all but if anybody does it well. I feel the Grammy organization does really with as much integrity as possible."

Bannister got his start with producing Amy Grant albums and branched out as interim director of Lipscomb University’s School of Music, which is housed in the George Shinn College of Entertainment & the Arts.

Bannister has been involved with the Grammy organization for more than 35-years.

Bannister says, "When the final nominations come out there's always an uproar about something because...Unfortunately we can't have 500 categories, so in the pop record of the year category sometimes you'll have a Taylor Swift , but sometimes you'll have 3 R&B artists."

Miles Rivera says, "Seems pretty predictable honestly seeing big artists like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar all over it."

Miles Rivera is a music business major at Belmont. He and other Nashville residents say they're not surprised either the 60th annual Grammy nods, but when it comes to country...

Nathan Miller, resident says, "They kind of overlooked a lot of artists that are important in our time."

Bannister says, "It goes through all of these vetting processes and I just feel like there is total integrity in it. Sometimes things fall through the cracks, but when it comes down to it. Everybody's takes their political cap off, They're listening to music without labels, they're not looking at charts, they're not looking at any kind of success like streaming numbers. They are listening to the music and going that should be in the final five."

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