Input error leads to several Middle Tennessee drivers treated to cheapest gas price ever

    PHOTO courtesy Bill Frazier to FOX 17 News

    NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Some drivers in Dickson County were treated to an insane deal at the gas pump on Wednesday.

    Drivers who decided to fill up at the Twice Daily located at 2432 TN-46 were treated to gas for just .0199 per gallon. One of those drivers, Bill Frazier, was able to fill up with 20 gallons for just 38 cents.

    Frazier says he and others notified the store of the mistake but management took responsibility for the error and let everyone who filled up at the price go on with their day.

    FOX 17 News spoke to employees at Twice Daily who stated the error was caused when a manager in training mistakenly entered the wrong information in the system. In total, about six customers received the deep discount.

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