Inglewood neighbors speak out on road they consider dangerous

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People living in East Nashville are speaking out about a road they call dangerous.

Riverside Drive in Inglewood is the problem spot making drivers cringe as they drive worried about another wreck.

Neighbors have asked for change so they can live in peace.

“It's been a very dangerous road,” Inglewood resident Kenneth Traughber said.

The windy stretch of Riverside Drive just north of McGavock Pike is where Kenneth Traughber has lived for 50 years.

“There's been hundreds of wrecks in the years I've been here,” Traughber said. “That's a deceptive curve. You start it and it just keeps going around and it gets you before you know it.”

And no one is immune to its deception. On the way to a call Friday, a Metro Parks Officer lost control and crashed.

“I heard what sounded like a lot of tires squealing and I heard a siren,” Inglewood resident Faye Walden said. “And then just boom all of a sudden it stopped.”

Faye Walden said everyone’s always speeding around the curves.

Walden said the new rumble strips haven’t helped as much as she’d like.

“It would terrify me if I had little ones,” Walden said. “I have animals and it bothers me.”

Several neighbors said it bothers them. So now, Metro Councilman Anthony Davis said they’re lowering the speed limit by five miles an hour and they’ll paint that speed on the ground. Riverside Drive repaving is scheduled to start in September and bike lanes will be moved to the center.

But no matter what they do to improve the road, Walden said some responsibility falls on all of us.

“No one wants to consider the other person,” Walden said. "They're just thinking about where they want to go.”

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