Iconic restaurant chain brings future of fast food to Nashville

Photo: WZTV

GREEN HILLS, Tenn. (WZTV) -- The future of fast food has made its way to middle Tennessee.

McDonald's in Green Hills re-opened its doors Saturday after renovation.

The changes are coming as a bit of a shock to long time customers of the iconic American restaurant chain, which offers classic fare like burgers and fries, at an affordable price.

But even an institution like McDonald's can't escape these changing times.

"This concept is going nationwide but this is the first one in Nashville," says franchise owner and operator Phil Gray.

Saturday morning the Golden Arches location in Green Hills re-opened its doors to customers, introducing some major renovations and new service technology.

Gray is proud of the modern dining experience, the first of its kind in Music City.

"This store has been here for a long time and we want to show the people of Nashville the amount of change that can happen overnight with the facility and hospitality we offer here."

This McDonald's now features self-order kiosks, table service, mobile order and pay, and even-- McDelivery.

Carol McCoy has been taking her family to this location for three decades.

"We came here with my boys it was typical McDonald's you could come through the drive- thru get your hamburgers, your fries, your happy meal," says McCoy.

Even this regular couldn't believe her eyes when she walked in Saturday.

"This is the place for millennial moms, this is where they need to bring their kids," says McCoy.

"It's just very contemporary and I like that."

With this much change, often comes a risk.

But so far, this group seems to be embracing the new age of fast food.

"Before today it was kind of old and dingey," says Lisa Clewnew- Newman, of Green Hills.

"The new way of ordering is super easy, super simple we have no problems it was great," adds husband Simon Newman.

Additional McDonald’s restaurants in the area will gradually be updated with this technology.

Locally, $100 million will be invested to modernize locations.

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