'I Believe in Nashville' mural vandalism suspect caught on surveillance camera

"I Believe in Nashville" mural in 12 South area is vandalized. (WZTV)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- For the third time in recent months, the “I Believe in Nashville mural” on 12 South has been vandalized.

Business owners, fed up with the vandals, installed a camera which caught the crime on tape. Tourists who showed up at the mural on Saturday were disappointed. Some of them had the mural on their to do list.

“We drove all the way over here to take pictures in front of these famous murals and stuff. I love it. It’s really fun to see the culture since I’m from California and experience Nashville,” said Sophia Eggleston who is visiting from California.

"We’re walking the strip here and wanted to take a picture by the I believe in Nashville sign. To hear that it was thoughtless vandalism is unfortunate. It was an unfortunate finding,” said Amy Hehr who is visiting.

Some business owners say they too are fed up with the vandals.

“It’s more than just art. It means a lot for all of our businesses,” said Carrie Morgan, owner of Alyn Vaughn jewelry shop.

The shop is across the street and benefits teen moms. Morgan says the business relies on tourist traffic.

“This is the tourist spot so you see them disappointed, getting back in their car and leaving. So, this does impact all of our businesses around here,” said Morgan.

Artists are scheduled to paint over the vandalism on Sunday. Those in the area hope by then, someone will be arrested.

The last time the camera caught a vandal painting over the mural, police made an arrest within days. If you know anything, you’re asked to call police.

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