Homeless Nashville Marine sees outpouring of support, receives new wheelchair

FOX 17 News

A homeless Marine living in Nashville has seen an outpouring of support.

Edward Kendall, known as Too Tall, lost all of his toes to frost bite. On top of that, someone stole his wheelchair a few days ago.

Now, people in Nashville have stepped up to help him out.

Too Tall said the hardest part of living on the streets is finding a place to lay your head. He said he usually sleeps under a box. He struggles to walk after frost bite led to him losing half of his feet earlier this year.

A thief stole his wheelchair, so FOX 17 News did last night what he was too proud to do - ask for Nashville's help. And the people of Nashville responded.

Two good Samaritans brought Too Tall what he called "two Cadillacs" - one wheelchair to use and another ready to roll, with help from Ed Medical Supply.

"It's the right thing to do. He didn't ask to be in this situation," Terry Mobley said. "Things happen and it's good that we still have good people around that look after one another."

More than 100 people reached out wanting to help. His best friend, whose post on Facebook started all of this, is overwhelmed.

"I probably get more from helping him that he gets from me, because it keeps me humble," Timothy McKnight said. "That's a man who has nothing that can still smile every day."

"God is good," Too Tall said.

A profound message from a man not used to seeing society's kindness.

People also stepped up to get Too Tall a bag filled with deodorant, some fresh socks, and new clothes.

Too Tall's story teaches us not to be fooled by financial poverty. Even those who have the least, sometimes have a richness that cannot be counted.

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