Homeless co-conspirators use tazer on man during Hendersonville robbery

Johnston & Johnson-Hendersonville Police

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn.--Two homeless people have been arrested by Hendersonville police after using a taser on a man several times during a robbery.

Hendersonville Police say they responded to the June 15 call in the area of Rockland Road. They met with the victim who says he was picked up by Jennifer Johnson at the Speedway market at 1063 W. Main Street.

The man says Johnston picked him up in a U-Haul van and once in the van a male suspect ordered him to empty his pockets, striking him with a taser several times.

The victim says he jumped from the vehicle then called police.

On Friday, Hendersonville Police received information the suspects were at a motel in Nashville. Officers responded and took Johnston into custody along with her co-conspirator, identified as Austin Johnson.

Both are facing charges of aggravated robbery and are being held on $30,000 bond.

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