Hillary Clinton bashed on gas station sign in Davidson County, Tennessee


A controversial political message has sprung up in middle Tennessee -- with some choice words for Hillary Clinton.

It's on a gas station marquee in front of Lewis Country Store.

Here in the south, people passing through are greeted with friendly faces.

Brad and Renee Lewis own a market and restaurant near the Davidson-Cheatham County line. The couple says they're nice hard-working people, as long as they aren't talking politics.

You don't have to look far to realize the Lewis' are voting for Donald Trump.

And if you can't tell how they feel about Clinton by this message, just ask.

"Yeah, she's a (bleep), she's a (bleep), and you can put that on TV," Brad Lewis said.

This couple isn't trying to be politically correct, and they're unapologetic.

"You probably don't really want to hear what I say about her, that's actually very nice," Renee Lewis said.

According to these store owners, 95% of customers support their political messages.

But Fox 17 caught up with some of the other 5% at the gas pump.

"It's very unnecessary, not very nice, and I wouldn't participate in buying gas if I would've seen that before I pulled in," Tracy Patterson, of East Nashville said.

"Would you want somebody to say that about your mother? They need to take it down, it shouldn't be up there at all," Windfrea Etter of Goodlettsville said.

Then we found those, who seemed undecided.

"I'm confused, I hope Mr. Trump gets it," Kevin Proctor, who is self-employed, said.

Then Fox 17 showed this Trump supporter the bold messaging.

"What did it say? Oh trump. Oh no, no, no. Yes, yes. No. It is what it is. I'm sorry but it is what it is. I'm honest with that," Proctor said.

Reporter Meagan O'Halloran asked if Proctor agreed with the sign.

"Noyes and I'm back to confused again," Proctor said.

Shell asked the Lewis' to take down their political rant, but it didn't go over well.

"This place can burn to the ground and that sign will still be there," Brad Lewis said. "I'll shut the doors before I take that message down, and that's what we're lacking in this country today -- is guts."

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