Highway stunt by car group 'bandits' on I-24 under investigation

Photo-Ricardo Suarez

A highway stunt had cars backed up for miles Saturday night while a group took turns doing donuts on I-24. The whole ordeal was caught on camera.

Car group members and a witness tell FOX 17 News it happened after a car meetup where hundreds gathered to show their cars and socialize.

Ricardo Suarez tells us he was heading home from a car meet when he saw the smoke and took out his phone.

“The highway's blocked and I saw the car doing donuts and I started recording,” Suarez said. “It looked fun from my view from the top of the bridge, but it's dangerous down there you know.”

Metro Police are investigating the dangerous stunt. Car group member Connor Painter said this isn't the first time a car group has pulled something like this.

“I've seen this happen probably half a dozen times already,” Painter said. “I call it like a ‘rouge group’, like bandits in the Nashville car community.”

He said Nashville has a large car community that does meets in safe locations, nut every now and then, a few people will pull something like this, giving the car community a bad name.

“We do that stuff in a controlled environment. I have no idea, what they're doing is just reckless, I don't see how anybody could possibly condone that,” Painter said.

Witnesses tell FOX 17 News this may have been a stunt to get the mayor’s attention about providing a safe space for these car meets, but the majority of car enthusiasts think this is definitely not the way to solve a problem.

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