High school cheerleaders in Nashville take knee during national anthem at game

    Hillsboro High School Cheerleaders (Maurice Patton/Mo Patton Sports)

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — Colin Kaepernick continues to influence football teams around the country. He is protesting racial injustice and fatal police shootings- kneeling during the National Anthem.

    Many are following the 49ers NLF player in all levels of the game. From several Titans and Raiders raising their fists during the anthem today to high school students in Nashville, are showing support.

    It's their job to use their voice to support the football team, but Friday Hillsboro High School cheerleaders let their actions speak. They kneeled during the National Anthem before taking on Cane Ridge.

    Ke'arra Allen says, " I feel like it was the same thing as standing up, just kneeling for the ones that are fallen basically."

    Ivanyona Murphy says, "I decided to kneel because I feel like all lives matter."

    Murphy and Allen are Burros cheer co-captains. Allen’s parents posted the unexpected demonstration on social media.

    Charron Allen says, "I’ve always taught her to stand up for what she believes in even if she is standing alone."

    His wife, Nicole Allen adds, “She voiced her opinion on Friday in a respectful, yet peaceful way. I was proud of her because as parents sometimes we want to give our children what to say, but at this time she stood up without us having any input. "

    Murphy’s mother, Shaonnekia Murphy, agrees..." I feel if she stands for something, she won't fall for anything. "

    These Nashville teens are part of the voice echoing 49er’s QB, Colin Kaepernick nationwide.

    The Broncos Brandon Marshal kneeled Sunday in Cincinnati while his teammate T.J. Ward held his fist up during the anthem. In New Jersey, three Washington Red Skins players did the same.

    Shaonnekia Murphy says, " You have to start somewhere . What they think is small is something that is large in the outcome. I think everyone should stand up for what is right. Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether it's positive or negative."

    The Hillsboro seniors say, everyone on their squad made their own decision friday night.

    "Three of them didn't kneel because they had family that fought in the war and they felt it was the right thing to stand up,” explains Allen.

    Kaepernick joined a California high school team this weekend. Photos captured the Castlemont players lying on their backs with their hands raised during the national anthem. Kaepernick did his signature kneel in the back.

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