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Here's how to help those affected by the Nashville Christmas Day bombing

Nashville explosion scene{ } (Metro Police){p}{/p}
Nashville explosion scene (Metro Police)

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It's only been days since a bomb detonated in downtown Nashville leaving many businesses and residences in ruins - but there's a long road ahead for those affected.

A bomb detonated along 2nd Ave. North at about 6:30 a.m. Christmas morning, killing the suspect and damaging at least 41 businesses.

The area impacted remains sealed off, displacing residents and closing businesses.

First responders, who have been working tirelessly since the explosion, are in need of support kits. Supplies can be dropped off at 218 Omohundro Place.

Here's how to help businesses, employees and residents directly affected by the blast:

Nashville Convention & Visitor's Corp have launched a "Donations for Nashville Neighbors" fundraiser.

Marcus Lemonis, Camping World CEO and CNBC host, posted on Twitter that he's donating $500,000 to business owners. Lemonis launched a 30-day fund in efforts to help and his half-a-million dollar donation will kick it off.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced that United Way of Greater Nashville will activate its Restore the Dream Fund to accept charitable donations from the community to help people in crisis following the Christmas Day explosion. To contribute to the fund, visit or text “RESTORE 20” to 41444.

Project 615 is selling "Nashville Strong" t-shirts with 100% of proceeds going to victims and businesses impacted by the blast.

GoFundMe - Businesses:

The Beer Sellar Staff

Open since 1996, the Beer Sellar will not be closed until further notice due to the Christmas Day bombing.

The GoFundMe account organized by Mike Penner says, “It has been a tough year to say the least.”

The account says they are immensely thankful no one was physically hurt from the explosion, but employees are under enormous financial strain.

Lonnie's Western Room

Lonnie’s received damage on the outside of its building. GoFundMe organizer Molly Tetterton says the western room is “the best bar in Nashville.”

“Lonnie and his staff are such wonderful people and they deserve all the help they can get,” Tetterton added.

Nashville Ink Family

The Christmas Day bombing destroyed Nashville Ink. The company lost all of its equipment and supplies.

Owners say every dollar donated to the fund will go directly to their employees.

“It will take a while to rebuild it and our employees will be out of commission, without the ability to provide and support their families. We ask your help,” the fund says.

Rebuilding Rocket Fizz Nashville

Rocket Fizz has been in business for more than eight years in Nashville. The company says staying in business during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging, but the bombing just a block away from them has made matters worse.

“If you feel you are able to help support our rebuilding effort, we would be grateful. We have all suffered this year, so we know many people are not in a position to offer financial assistance. We understand,” the fund states.

GoFundMe organizer Laura Leslie says Rocket Fizz is badly damaged and needs to be cleaned up and repaired as soon as possible.

Support Unemployed Victims of Nashville Bomb

This GoFundMe has been organized by Ryan Carlson to help Dick’s Last Resort employees.

Carlson says the bombing destroyed the restaurant, resulting in nearly 50 of its employees to become unemployed for the third time this year. A matter he calls “nothing short of a tragedy.”

“Our employees have suffered an array of other devastating challenges this year,” the fund says.

The account says 100 percent of all money raised will be distributed directly to hourly employees with the company also contributing money.

Buffalo’s Nashville Staff Help

2020 hasn’t been a kind year, but Buffalo’s says they have had an exceptionally tough time.

The pandemic has caused the business to shut down twice along with a lack of tourism.

GoFundMe organizer Sherry Evans says the Christmas Morning bomb exploded just yards away from Buffalo’s.

Evans says all donated funds will go solely to helping their hourly employees with living expenses.

OSF Employees Unemployed after Christmas Explosion

The early Christmas Morning explosion also left behind significant damage at the Old Spaghetti Factory. No one was physically hurt at the restaurant, but it could be weeks or more until they can reopen.

“2020 brought tornadoes, COVID shut-downs, and now this disaster will again send our Team Members to the ranks of the unemployed. Please help,” GoFundMe organizer Travis Crownover said.

Crownover says every dollar will go directly to staff to help them with their basic financial needs.

Pride and Glory Tattoo Parlor Recovery Fund

Located almost directly across the street from the RV explosion, the bomb almost directly hit Pride and Glory Tattoo.

Peter Gibson and his team of artists have served Nashvillians since 2014. Now, Gibson is left trying to figure out how to support his fiancé and his new son.

“The ask is that we can work together and help them get through these uncertain times, giving any amount that you financially can,” GoFundMe organizer Matt Shaw wrote. “Let's come together, surround them with love, and show them why the Nashville and Tattoo communities are so great.”

Nashville Rodizio Grill Family

Due to the destruction of the bombing, staff at Rodizio Grill Nashville are without jobs for the foreseeable future.

GoFundMe organizer and Director of Marketing Ashlee Hille says the blast happened right in front of the restaurant. She says 100 percent of the money raised through the GoFundMe will be given to the Franchise Owner and distributed to staff.

Support for Nashville Owned Businesses

This GoFundMe supports business owners and staff of Ensemble Nashville, Simply the Best, and Pride and Glory Tattoo.

“All three businesses are owned by Nashvillians,” the GoFundMe account says. “They aren’t big corporate entities, they are your neighbors. They have struggled through the loss of foot traffic and tourists due to the last nine months of COVID restrictions, but now they will have total losses due to the blast of Christmas morning 2020.”

GoFundMe organizer Tina Doniger says all funds received will be split between the three businesses and given to the owners of the business to distribute as they see fit.

Nashville Melting Pot Family

The Indianapolis Melting Pot restaurant is raising money for the employees of the Nashville Melting Pot impacted by the Christmas Day bombing.

“We hope in this time of holiday spirit to raise money for the team members and their family during this unfortunate time,” the GoFundMe account reads.

Bartella Nashville

Bartella opened last winter in the heart of Nashville. The shop says they are struggling to support their six employees and pay their rent.

“If Nashville is near your heart and special for you, know that it needs the local shops of the downtown area. Without these stores, tourists and locals are missing out on amazing handmade desserts and the spirits of Nashville.”

GoFundMe - Individuals:

Help Rob Financially Recover From Nashville Bombing

Jeremy Smith organized a GoFundMe account for his friend, Rob.

“Within the blink of an eye, people’s homes and businesses were destroyed, and hundreds of industry workers were instantly jobless,” Smith said. “Tennessee Rob is one of the hundreds.”

Smith says Rob has helped him through tough life circumstances before and described him as “one of the nicest, most sincere people I have met.”

Helping Drew Lambert after the Nashville Bombing

Danielle Todd organized a GoFundMe account for friend and bandmate Drew Lambert.

Todd says Lambert was out of town as the bombing destroyed his home leaving him only with a travel bag of clothes.

“As of right now, it is uncertain if anything from the building is salvageable, but the damage is catastrophic and it is looking grim,” Todd wrote. “It is uncertain when Drew will have access to his old apartment.”

She says all funds from the GoFundMe will go directly to Lambert.

Help Lauren & Dallas rebuild

A GoFundMe says Lauren Whatley and Dallas Seymour lost everything in the Christmas Day bombing. Fortunately, they were out of town at the time of the explosion.

“They lost everything and are completely starting from scratch. Let's give them a hand,” organizer Gregory Hoffman said.

Whatley and Seymour are expected to return to Nashville at the end of December and have managed to find a place to stay for the month of January. By February, they will need to buy furniture, clothing, dishes, bedding, etc.

Linda Ingram - Nashville Christmas Bombing Relief

Linda Ingram says living in downtown Nashville has always been a lifelong dream of hers, but she never thought she would experience a day like the bombing.

“It was the scariest moment of my life. At the time of the explosion it was complete chaos – like the most intense earthquake I could imagine,” Ingram described. “I didn’t know if the building was going to collapse on us or what. I used all my strength to get my 50lb dog out of the corner of the back utility closet and carried her down the 4 flights of stairs hoping we would get out in time. Thankfully we did.”

Ingram says the explosion has left her to start all over. She lost her wallet, ID, birth certificate, and passport. She said the FBI told her it’s unlikely she will ever see the inside of her home again.

“I am still in absolute shock that this happened and emotions are all over the place, especially as the event keeps replaying in my mind,” Ingram wrote on the GoFundMe account. “Even though there are sentimental items I can never replace, at the end of the day it could always be worse.”

Korissa Kelly Rebuilding after Nashville Explosion

Alicia Erickson started a GoFundMe for her sister Korissa Kelly. Erickson says Kelly’s apartment is now unrecognizable due to the Christmas bombing.

“For whatever reason on Christmas Eve, she chose to move her bed to a different wall in her bedroom, and thank God she did,” Erickson said. “The windows, doors, and parts of a brick wall were exploded in the blast.”

Kelly escaped the explosion safely, but her sister says she lost everything and will not be able to return to her home.

“Things and items can be replaced, but Korissa is going to need to rebuild the life that she had only just put together,” Erickson wrote.

Sheri Lynn Mabey - Nashville Christmas Bombing

On Christmas morning, Sheri Lynn found out her home on 2nd Avenue had been hit by a bomb. She was around 80 miles away in Cookeville caring for her father when the blast happened.

A GoFundMe says her condo may be a total loss with no insurance coverage.

“Combined with the financial loss of the pandemic and caring for her father full time without income for the last year - she is in dire need of financial help,” fund organizer Danielle Herren said. “Sheri Lynn opened her home on Second Avenue to so many! If it's in your heart to donate, please do, Sheri Lynn is one of the most generous people I know!”

Ariel and Ferd lose EVERYTHING from Nashville bomb

Wendy Williams started a GoFundMe account on behalf of her longtime friends, Ariel and Ferdinand. She says they lived in one of the buildings that was bombed on Christmas Day.

“Ariel and her neighbors banded together to get each other and their pets out. The roof was falling in and the door was blown off and windows blown out,” Williams said. “They rushed thinking more bombs were going to go off and that the building was about to cave in. How traumatic!”

Williams said Ariel was sent in an ambulance and treated for a concussion, and that her friends have lost everything.

“They need help rebuilding their lives. I know money can’t help with the trauma that they have experienced but it will help in getting started again,” Williams said.

Malory Luciane - Victim, Nashville Bomb Explosion

Kathleen Sinatore launched a GoFundMe account for her niece, Malory Luciane.

Sinatore says her niece lost everything she owned in the Nashville bombing.

“Early in the morning, while in her apartment, she was awoken hearing gunshots. Shortly after that, her bedroom all caved in from the explosion. Luckily she escaped with her dog, Ralph,” Sinatore said.

Luciane’s apartment building is now condemned and her furniture, clothing, household items and car are all destroyed, according to Sinatore.

“Luckily she is physically ok, but of course mentally devastated by this horrific act and living through the explosion that impacted her apartment building and various other blocks in this historic area of Nashville. Please pray for her and all the others impacted,” Sinatore said.

Kyle Eaton Nashville Explosion Fund

Tyler Webster started a GoFundMe for his friend, Kyle Eaton. Webster says Eaton’s apartment and belongings were all destroyed in the bombing after recently having moved to Nashville.

Webster says Eaton sent him the following message:

“Talking to other residents and a few who have spoken to the FBI in attempts to save their pets, the building is just not safe for anyone to enter, and may never be. I’ve lost all clothes, all food, and all personal belongings and all sentimental belongings. I only have two changes of clothes with me that I own, at my parents house. Everything else is gone."

Eaton lived at the Lofts on 2nd Avenue, but was with family for the holidays at the time of the blast.

Helping Buck McCoy after the Nashville bombing

Christi Bird launched the GoFundMe account for her friend Buck McCoy. She says the Nashville performer lost his cat, all of his clothes, musical instruments, and his car in the explosion.

“This has been a rough year for everyone, but especially Buck,” Bird said. “With the Nashville tornado, COVID, and now this bombing, he has been through it in 2020. Buck is a great friend and performer, one too humble to ask for help during this difficult time.”

Bird continued that McCoy’s building will likely be condemned due to extensive damage.

Betsy Williams & Kim Madlom - Lost Home in Bombing

AH Royale organized a GoFundMe account for his friend Graham who was visiting his moms, Betsy Williams and Kim Madlom, when the explosion happened.

The account says Graham, Williams, Madlom and their aunt were woken up by the sound of gunfire Christmas Morning. After hearing it again a few minutes later, Royale writes that they called police.

After hearing a third burst of gunfire, they started to hear a recorded message telling anyone who could hear the message to evacuate because there was a bomb.

“They took it extremely seriously after a fifteen minute countdown started over that loudspeaker. They quickly grabbed what they could, jumped in their car in their pajamas and drove across the river to wait out the timer,” Royale wrote. “When more time had passed than the timer suggested, they decided it must be a hoax after all and started to return home, only to watch a fireball engulf their street after that RV exploded.”

They are safe, but lost nearly all of their belongings. Royale says the family is staying in a hotel for now, but needs help getting back on their feet.

Rasmussen Family - Nashville Christmas Bombing

Kristen Rucker started a GoFundMe account for her friends Jeff and Noelle Rasmussen.

Rucker says Jeff, Noelle and their sons 4-year-old Benji and 1-year-old Jude walked away from the explosion with only the clothes on their backs. The bombing destroyed their home.

Rucker shared Noelle’s words about the bombing:

“We left in pajamas and only grabbed the diaper bag on the way out). The downtown explosion was right in front of our building and blew through it, ripping off the front side. We might not have much of a home to come back to, but we have all that really matters- our lives. Right now, we’re so grateful for the policeman and police woman who woke us up banging on our door at 5:55am telling us to evacuate for a suspected safety threat. THEY ARE HEROES.”

According to Rucker, one of the heroes that knocked on the family’s door was Metro Officer Brenna Hosey. She is one of the six Nashville officers who ran into the danger to evacuate residents before the explosion.

Noelle said as she looked back their building Christmas morning, she saw a huge fireball at least twice as high as their building. She said once they were able to return and get close enough to see the back of their building, she noticed that the back windows of their condo were blown out right where there Christmas tree was placed.

Christmas Morning Explosion- total loss

Chef Jess Lambert from Etch Restaurant lost her home in the Nashville bombing.

She made it out of her demolished apartment with minor flesh wounds, GoFundMe organizer Whitney Eccher said.

“Imagine losing everything you own on

Christmas morning! Anything you can do to help is appreciated,” Eccher said.

Help Glo and Nate after Nashville bomb damage

Kaelan Hollon launched a GoFundMe account for her friend Glodine Young.

Hollon says Glo and her fiancé Nate will have to restart their lives from scratch. The couple works in Nashville’s food and beverage industry, which has already taken a hard hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Glo and Nate are incredibly special people and beloved by an enormous community of people in Nashville and (far) beyond. Please consider chipping in a few dollars to help,” Hollon wrote.

Hollon says the latest they are hearing is that the entire block where they lived may have to be torn down possibly without being able to go back for any of their belongings.

GoFundMe - General fund:

Nashville Downtown Explosion Emergency Fund

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