Hendersonville residents on high alert after break-ins, carjackings this week


A string of car break-ins and now two carjackings in the last two days is causing concerns for Hendersonville residents.

One of the victims told FOX 17 News about what it was like coming face to face with a gunmen and being forced to give up his vehicle. Taylor Butler is getting new locks at his home after being carjacked Wednesday morning.

"As soon as I got out of my car and walked around, I noticed a man halfway up my driveway holding a gun coming up on me," Butler said.

Police believe the men who carjacked Butler are the same men who fled when an officer ran their car tag and realized the vehicle had been stolen in Nashville last month.

"We're assuming at this point that they ditch the one stolen car and were looking for another," said Hendersonville Sgt. J.D. Coarsey. "We do have some burglaries in that area also to vehicles."

Monday night, a woman on her way to work also got car jacked in Hendersonville's Chesapeake Harbor Subdivision.

"Just couldn't believe it was so close to home that somebody could come and hold the person at gunpoint in our neighborhood so now that's putting more people on alert," said Neighbor Derrick Wilson.

In just a few weeks there have been more than a dozen car burglaries in local subdivisions, several stolen vehicles and now two carjackings.

Hendersonville Police released video from a neighbor's house showing four black male suspects moments before the car jacking. Police believe the suspects were trying to find a car with keys inside, which lead to multiple burglaries in the area.

"I don't know what kind a dire situation there are in," Butler said. "I pray they'll find peace and hopefully get help they need and hopefully won't do this to anybody else."

Police believe these crimes are being committed by the same group of men. They're urging residents to be vigilant, to leave porch lights on and and report anything suspicious.

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