Hendersonville neighborhood on alert after suspicious man approaches teens


    UPDATE: The person who approached two juvenile’s in the Meadows of Indian lake subdivision has been identified, according to Hendersonville Police Department. Police say this incident was not an abduction attempt or any other type of inappropriate conduct.


    Parents and kids in a Hendersonville neighborhood are terrified after a possible abduction attempt in the middle of the day Wednesday. Two kids walking a dog in the Meadows of Indian Lake subdivision tell police a man stopped them, saying he had something for them, before they ran to safety.

    Erin Harper lives in the neighborhood and walks her three kids home from school every day.

    “Now they’re a little more sensitive. She asks me a lot of question about where is the bad guy? Where did he come from?” Harper says about her young daughter.

    The bad guy she’s referring to is an older man two kids say stopped them as they walked their dog yesterday. The 12 and 14 year old say he told them he had something for them, so they took off, running home to safety.

    “I was really shocked just because I’m looking around while we’re walking home and I didn’t see anything suspicious,” Harper said.

    Erin’s second grade son says he was shocked after his mom had a long talk with after getting a text from the school about the incident.

    “I said ‘You just need to be really careful on the way home and just make sure that you stay beside me the entire time,’” Harper said.

    And when they’re not with her, Harper wants her kids to know what to do.

    “Don’t wander off if you see a car approaching. You don’t go speak to them, even if they say your mom told me to come or whatever, cause you know that I wouldn’t do anything like that,” Harper said.

    She’s a vigilant parent, not wanting to scare her kids, but wanting to prepare them for the worst.

    Police are still looking into this. All they know about the possible suspect is that he’s an older male who may have been in a red car. If you have any information please contact Hendersonville Police.

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