Handwritten sign at Tennessee business advertises 'No drug tests. No background checks.'

FOX 17 News

Some people think a midstate business may have taken it too far in their hunt for seasonal workers. A handwritten sign seen by some shoppers advertising no drug tests and no background checks has some customers worried.

The sign was spotted at a Dollar Tree in Smyrna, but has since been taken down.

Sabrina Goode couldn't believe her eyes when she read the words.

“I think my jaw kind of dropped,” Goode said.

She saw a picture of the sign on Facebook, after someone removed it from the front of the store.

It reads “Here’s a GREAT opportunity! We’re hiring temp workers for December only, but don’t worry- If you commit to 24-30 hours per week from Dec 1st- Dec 31st and work X-mas Eve, you will be eligible for unemployment! Must be 18 to apply. No drug test. No background check. Extra X-mas $”

“It seems like someone's trying to cheat the system. But to be that, I don't know, they weren't trying to hide it, that's for sure,” Goode said.

Now, the sign is not at the business, but leftover tape can still be seen. Store workers said they couldn't talk about the sign, and corporate didn't immediately return multiple phone calls from FOX 17 News.

“They must be very, very desperate. If there's no background check, I personally, on a franchise level like, if you don't know someone's background, why would you even want to hire them in your store?” Goode said.

It's the same thing that worries Danielle Tribout.

“I mean it's a little alarming considering we patronize these stores. You want to feel safe when you come to the store,” Tribout said.

She said hearing about low hiring standards makes her rethink where she shops.

“Obviously, a lot of people don't want to come to the stores anymore because they don't feel safe, so if they're knowing that's happening at the same time, that's gonna create an extra layer of security concerns,” Tribout said.

She hopes businesses don't become so desperate they put safety at risk.

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