Group plans to file lawsuit over at-home business regulations in Metro Nashville

PHOTO: MGN/Kaldari / Wikipedia

At-home business owners said Monday they have plans to file a lawsuit over a Metro ordinance banning home businesses that serve in-person clients.

Being a busy mom of two is Allie Pillow's most important job, but that's not what pays the bills.

Pillow is a business owner, selling and demonstrating 'Younique' products out of her Fairview home.

"I wear and share makeup," Pillow said. "Everything I do is through social media, but I have the ability to have people over and show them the product."

If Pillow lived in Nashville, inviting clients to her house would be illegal.

"I think this is an opportunity ever single woman and man should consider as an option," Pillow said. "If it was not available to every person it would break my heart."

On Tuesday, two business owners plan to file a lawsuit against the City of Nashville over its ban of home businesses where clients and customers visit the property. A cosmetologist and music studio owner are the plaintiffs.

Their attorneys say the ordinance unconstitutional and discriminates against local families.

"If you have a home, you have the right to have people over to your home,” said Keith Diggs, attorney for Institute for Justice. "That's been a legitimate use of property for centuries, and that should extend to having someone over who is indistinguishable from a social visit."

"Especially as more people, working moms, two family incomes are looking for flexible work arrangements, the city has to catch up with the 21st century and give modern families the flexibility to support their families,” said Braden Boucek, director of litigation for Beacon Center of Tennessee.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry's Office said it can't comment on a lawsuit it hasn't seen.

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