Grandpa, grandson find one of Dickson Co. deputy's accused murderers at their home

(Fox 17 News)

A man and his grandson helped arrest one of two suspects in the murder of a Dickson County deputy.

Members of a Bon Aqua family said they saw accused murderer Steven Wiggins and held Erika Castro-Miles, also accused in the murder, until police arrived on scene next to their home and cabin

"You get the call that an accused murderer is at your family's resident, and a lot goes through your mind," said Lane Adams, a 23-year-old Bon Aqua resident.

Lane Adams and his grandpa Steve Adams said they grabbed their weapons and jumped in their truck when Steve's brother said he saw accused killer Steven Wiggins walking down the dirt path toward his cabin on Wednesday.

"It was nerve-racking at first," Steve Adams said.

Lane Adams drove the Fox 17 News down the path they took to his great uncle's cabin about 150 yards away from their home.

"We were flying trying to get to him because we didn't want anything to happen to him," Lane Adams said. "We pull up to right here. My great uncle's standing on the porch saying he lost sight of him and he thought he was around the garage."

Lane Adams said the three men, all armed, surrounding the garage to check and see if Wiggins was still there. Instead they found Erika Castro-Miles, the woman police said was with Wiggins at the time of the murder. Police have also charged Castro-Miles with first-degree murder.

"I'm aimed and ready, hammer cocked back," Lane Adams said. "I don't know what's going to happen. I'm cautiously walking around here and I stop. I kind of look under here and I thought I saw legs. I turn around. My grandpa's behind me. I tell him I've got eyes on somebody down here. We start yelling at her to get out and she's not responding. At this point gun drawn I'm telling her 'you need to get out now! We're not playing any games telling her we're not afraid to use force if necessary.'"

That's when the Adams said Erika Castro-Miles came out from under the garage/workshop, got on the ground and mentioned Steven Wiggins.

More officers than this family's ever seen in one place all showed up at their home. The grandpa and grandson said they're both still upset that accused murderer Steven Wiggins got away.

"For a man that's just doing his job, to murder him in cold blood, I mean for someone that doesn't have any value for human life, it's really hard to watch them walk free," Lane Adams said.

"I ain't saying I'm no brave man and all that, but I'm going to protect what I got," Steve Adams said. "I hope he is still around here close so they can get here quick."

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