Goodlettsville residents salvage Thanksgiving after water main break

Water main break occurs on Kimberly Drive early Thanksgiving morning (WZTV).

GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn.-- Residents in Goodlettsville are getting good news after a water main break this morning. It left more dozens of homes without water and sewer services for most of the holiday.

While most mid-state residents woke up Thursday with turkey on the brain...others along Kimberly and Rachel Drive tried not to let Thanksgiving go down the drain.

Mary Jo Mummert, resident says, "When we woke up this morning my husband realized there's no water, but just a trickle of water. So I quickly jumped in the shower, thinking that I could maybe salvage a shower on Thanksgiving Day."

Mummert says she managed to clean up and fill some pots with water to boil potatoes for dinner before the water shut off completely. Problems began around 4 a.m. with the water main break. Some neighbors say water spilled into their driveway and basements causing damage. White House Utility District says it worked on replacing the line and patching up properties all day with about 20 homes impacted.

"If it's fixed by this afternoon it shouldn't be too big of a problem, that's usually when we have our Thanksgiving dinners. But if it stays all day, it will be a little inconvenient," says resident, Jesus Garcia.

Dozens of families went with the flow for the holiday, including Mummert, who says her husband bought 10 gallons of water as result.

Mummert adds, "We are going somewhere else, but we're also taking things with us, preparing side dishes and that sort of thing that we still have to cook today. You know what in the big scheme of things, if this is the worst thing that happens to us, we are absolutely fine and we're still thankful for everything we do have ."

Crews wrapped up repairs just before 6 this evening.

"On their Thanksgiving too because they would probably rather be home with their families also, so we appreciate them coming out so that all of us could have water later on today.," explains Mummert.

WHUD says the cause of the break is unknown. Incidents like this are random and difficult to determine the exact cause, according to the water company.

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