Soddy-Daisy, TN police officers surprising drivers with gifts instead of tickets

Monday, people in Soddy Daisy were shocked when they received something other than a ticket after being pulled over by a police officer. (Image: WTVC)

SODDY-DAISY, Tenn. (WTVC) - There's nothing worse than looking in your rear view mirror and seeing flashing lights. No one likes to be pulled over - especially during the holidays.

Monday, people in Soddy-Daisy were shocked when they received something other than a ticket after being pulled over by police.

"Canned ham, yams, green beans, macaroni and cheese," said Pam Weathers, Public Information Officer.

Those are just a few of the things you can find inside the blue bags given to some Soddy-Daisy drivers after they got pulled over.

Officer Jeremy Wright let us tag along with him.

"Everyday traffic violations is what we're shooting for today," Officer Wright said.

It took him a minute, but we found our first driver.

"He's not stopping," Wright said.

So, Wright turns his lights on and out he goes.

"Hey, how's it going man?" Wright asked.

After asking for the driver's license and proof of insurance, Officer Wright walks back to the trunk of his car to grab one of the blue bags.

"I appreciate your cooperation. Listen, we're doing a pay it forward. If you could use this - great. If you know of somebody else - that's great too. We'd like to give this to you," Wright said.

After a sigh of relief, driver James Hale finally processes what's happening.

"That surprised me," he smiled.

He doesn't need this, but he knows someone who does.

"I'm gonna pay it forward and give it to my next door neighbor. It's a young boy and girl. They have a child [and are] expecting another, so I'll give it to them," Hale said.

Hale wasn't the only lucky driver though.

"I wanna give you something," Wright said.

It was an emotional stop here.

"I've never really had nothing that was actually given to me," said Ed Lewis.

After Lewis' stop, back on the road we go.

Officer Wright pulls over the next driver for speeding.

"Reason I got you stopped - 51 in a 40 man," said Wright.

After not giving him a ticket and handing over the bag, Luke King asks if he can get out of the car to give Officer Wright something. It was a hug.

And a very successful day full of surprises and smiles for everyone involved.

Soddy-Daisy officers will be handing out 100 bags over for the next few days.

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