GALLERY: Severe Flooding cripples parts of Middle Tennessee

    Michelle Bowles-Marshall County

    NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Nashville broke a 139-year-old record on Saturday for the most rainfall in history for the month of February.

    Although the total is likely to grow, the area recorded a total 12.55 inches of rainfall for the month, beating the previous record of 12.37 inches in 1880 for the month of February.

    The continued rainfall and severe storms led to the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency declaring a State of Emergency. Rivers throughout Tennessee swelled to action or near-action stages, including the Cumberland River which reached it's highest crest since the 2010 floods. The river swelled to 38 feet on Saturday.

    Here is a look (Gallery above) at impacts around Middle Tennessee from residents.

    If you have photos or videos of flooding, share them HERE.

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