GALLERY: Mid-April snow in middle Tennessee

Monterey, Tenn. snow (Joe Roe)

Spring has already sprung but middle Tennessee is still feeling (and looking) like winter in mid-April.

Some midstaters woke up to snow Monday morning.

Big flakes fell in DeKalb County, while photos from Monterey showed a light dusting of snow. Meanwhile, Sumner County and Dickson saw also saw sleet.

With temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s, Nashville residents tried to go about their day like normal with a few extra layers.

The Nashville Sounds had a day game, and as one could imagine, the stands weren’t full.

"Snow flurries on the one day you pick to go to a day baseball game is not ideal,” Anderson Williams said.

“It’s cold,” Keith Marcum said. "It’s too cold. I was hoping for a snow delay but we didn’t get any of that so we came out here and we froze a little bit. It was a good time. It was worth it for the win. It was definitely worth it for the win."

A few miles away at TopGolf, the brisk temperatures didn’t stop a few people from stepping up to the tee and having a few drinks.

"Is this springtime? I’m not 100 percent sure, but I’m ready for it to get a little warmer,” Jordan King said. "That’ll be good."

“I actually just moved from Cleveland so this is a balmy 40° for me,” Omari Buncum said. "All I need is a (warm) hat, a good friend, and it’s a good time."

At Garden of Babylon next to the Nashville Farmers Market, workers had to store and cover plants for yet another time this spring.

Workers say annuals, tomatoes, peppers and shade shrubs are the most susceptible to damage in freezing weather. If you have any concerns about your plants, they suggest covering them with old sheets, blankets, towels or clear trash bags.

And the cold isn't over yet. A freeze warning and frost advisory has been issued for Tuesday morning.

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