Young Gallatin mom shot dead in front of kids identified, suspect arrested

(Sumner County Sheriff's Office/Submitted to FOX 17 News)

A Gallatin woman shot to death in front of her children has been identified.

Lexus Shantelle Williams, 22, died from her injuries sustained in the Tuesday night shooting along Buffalo Ridge.

Police said Williams' children, ages 2 and 3, were in the car with her at the time of the shooting. They are all okay. After the shooting, Eric Graves and his wife administered CPR to Lexus, who died on the scene.

"The family is what’s important, and those two little kids wont’ have either parent in their life," Graves said. "That’s the main thing."

Lexus' husband, Corey Williams, 24, has since been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and two counts of reckless endangerment.

Surveillance video from a neighborhood home showed a red vehicle driving down Buffalo Ridge, before the driver's side window shatters, then the vehicle stops for a moment. A black male wearing khaki pants exits the vehicle and flees on foot to nearby homes. Police said Corey was later found wearing khaki pants and hiding under a back porch on Hartsville Pike.

FOX 17 News reviewed court documents relating to the case and at the time of the shooting, Corey Williams was out on bond for aggravated domestic assault and false imprisonment charges against his wife from March 24. An order of protection was also pending against him.

According to that affidavit, one of Lexus' children was telling other kids in his daycare class about a possible assault involving his parents. The child advised that "daddy was beating on mommy's back and took the bed from her." Day care employees became concerned and contacted police, who reached out to Lexus.

Lexus then informed authorities that on the night before, March 23, she thought Corey was going to kill her after refusing to leave their apartment and pointing a gun at her. The two were apparently fighting over the passcode on her phone.

Lexus told authorities she began praying and crying with Corey as he held her at gunpoint, pleading with him "you don't have to do this." The affidavit said Corey eventually left the room. Lexus told police she didn't call authorities that night because she was terrified of what Corey would do. Warrants were subsequently issued for Corey's arrest and he was booked into jail for aggravated domestic assault and false imprisonment. He was released on a $7,500 bail.

Corey has been in trouble before. According to the Sumner County Jail, these are his prior arrests:

  • 10-25-12: Violation of order of protection (Not involving Lexus)
  • 1-15-13: Processed on citation for violation of probation
  • 1-16-13: Violation of probation and violation of order of protection. Sentenced 180 days
  • 8-12-17: Failure to appear for driving on suspended license
  • 3-24-18: Aggravated assault and false imprisonment
  • 4-3- 18: Two counts of reckless endangerment and first degree murder

Corey is due for a hearing on charges stemming from the murder and assault on May 16.

A church family member, Karen Williams, tells FOX 17 News that Lexus was a beautiful person and took Karen's daughter under her wing while singing for the church choir.

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