Thousands gather in Gallatin for all-out total solar eclipse party


Gallatin, Tennessee was one of the best spots in the country to view the historic total solar eclipse.

Approximately 50,000-60,000 people gathered in Triple Creek Park today for the Gallatin Eclipse Encounter.

Inside the park's pavilion, people took turns writing their names and hometowns in a booklet. Volunteers then placed a pin on the map to show where the people traveled from to view the eclipse in Gallatin.

Families traveled from Japan, Australia, several European countries and all over the United States.

One family from Ireland said they had been planning this trip for two years. A group of photographers and scientists from Japan rented one of the baseball fields in Triple Creek Park to view the total solar eclipse.

Fox 17 News This Morning Anchor Jennifer Waddell is hosting the event at Triple Creek Park. It kicked off at 7 a.m. Monday and runs all day.

The city had 20,000 viewing glasses to hand out.

Also, every Gallatin police officer is on duty, that's around 70 officers.

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