Rescued horses given new lease on life with free adoption event

A horse up for adoption. (WZTV)

HOHENWALD, Tenn. -- They may not seem like the most conventional of pets.

They're huge, they eat a ton, require lots of exercise, and live in a stable. But talk to seasoned owner Brittney Manning, and she'll tell you, horses are the best.

"Just the overall connection and the relationship, and the bond, it's indescribable, there's really no words for it," says Manning.

Manning is one of dozens of people who came out to Horse Plus Humane Society in Hohenwald Sunday for the free horse adoption.

Looking for a new addition to her growing Alabama farm, Manning fell in love with a pony.

"Her overall disposition, she was extremely sweet, she had very gentle eyes. I walked into the pen, I was able to put the halter on her, lead her around, pet her, and evaluate her and I just felt like she would be the perfect match for what we were looking for."

The horses all have their own story, some got surrendered by owners who couldn't care for them, others were abused.

"We have horses from all different walks of life, we have old horses, young horses, we have ponies, we have a mule, we want them to have good homes," says Tawnee Preisner, President of Horse Plus.

Preisner started Horse Plus Humane Society 15 years ago, and in that time she's seen 5,000 horses pass through.

"Early on it was very difficult to let them go, and over the years we've learned this is the happiest day for these animals, they're transferring from their past to their new future that's what it's all about," says Preisner.

Preisner says all potential owners go through a thorough application process that includes full criminal background checks, interviews, and reference calls - a tedious, but necessary process, to ensure these animals end up in the right homes.

For Manning, who drove two hours to adopt her pony, it's well worth it.

"Knowing that I'm able to give this horse a second chance at life, in a home with children, it's a great feeling."

If you missed the event Sunday, Horse Plus Humane Society plans to have another free horse adoption event around Christmas time.

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