Franklin construction blast goes wrong, causes major property damage

(Fox 17 News)

It’s an example of the perils of progress in middle Tennessee, as massive blasts make room for new developments, leaving communities a little shook up.

What happened this week in Franklin, is a different story. Chunks of rock went flying from a construction site off Murfreesboro Road and damaged property nearby. Those who witnessed it said it’s a miracle no one got hurt.

For more than a month, the blasts have been going off to make room for a new senior care facility. Laura Derrigo lives directly behind the site.

“It feels like dynamite blasting," Derrigo said. "There’s crackles, pops, and then a huge boom, and it’s random. Sometimes you hear the warning sirens and you know it’s coming, and sometimes it just happens. It shakes the entire house.”

If you need proof Monday’s blast was different, look no further than the incredible damage made to more than 50 cars at neighboring Ford Lincoln of Franklin.

The vehicles, that were not for sale, got pummeled with huge chunks of rocks and were totaled, as debris went flying far outside the blasting zone.

“That’s frightening because they’re right behind my house," Susan Shannon said. "That dealership, we have just a small buffer of woods and the parking lot is right behind our house so it could have been in our yard."

Neighbors said they’re not surprised to see the pictures of the damage.

“They seem to be doing it at the same roundabout time, around 3:00, and that’s when the kids are getting off the bus,” Derrigo said. “So they’re coming into the house and onto the property around the same time these things are happening.”

Fox 17 News reached out to the company responsible, Straight Shot Drilling out of Lebanon. They refused to expand on what exactly what went wrong, simply calling it an unforeseen incident and a mistake.

Neighbors said they’re so concerned about the blasts that they’ve even contacted the State Fire Marshal to better regulate the explosions.

The company stopped work at the site Tuesday as a result of the faulty blast.

The dealership said Straight Shot Drilling has been apologetic and cooperative to help take care of and replace the damage.

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