FOX 17 Town Hall shows everyday people can become millionaires

FOX 17 News

FOX 17 hosted a town hall with Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan Thursday night. It highlighted how everyday people can become millionaires, not just people with high paying jobs like doctors or lawyers.

Chris Hogan and Dave Ramsey took the stage to answer questions from the audience and spread the message that anyone can be a millionaire.

“I’ve made mistakes. I’ve done things the wrong way. When you get the right information in the hands of the right people that are willing to do the work in the right order, those people can make leaps and bounds,” Chris Hogan explained.

Two of the people that live by that message are Sarah and Chase Lewis.

“We both went to a four year university. We both had student loans,” Sarah said.

Financial advice from Ramsey and Hogan actually changed their lives.

“Step three is building an emergency fund and that really came in hand. I was paralyzed two years ago and if it hadn’t been for that emergency fund, we would have been in a pretty rough financial situation,” Chase said.

So what does it take to be an every day millionaire? Taking responsibility and being intentional with your finances, according to Ramsey and Hogan.

Hogan said 1/3rd of millionaires never made a six figure salary, and 79% didn’t inherit a dime. Another common myth debunked: you don’t need an Ivy League degree to be a millionaire. 62% of millionaires went to a public college. 9% didn’t go to college at all.

It proves eliminating debt and investing in retirement funds can go a long way.

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